New Couples Begin their MAFS Journey

After an emotional and shocking Commitment Ceremony that saw two couples leave the experiment, Bronte and Harrison have defied the odds in their quest for love, as the turbulent pair decide to share a home once again.

As Bronte basks in her reunion with Harrison, the real success story everyone is talking about is Claire and Jesse. In the previous Commitment Ceremony, Jesse declares his attraction to Claire and says they are going from strength to strength, however Claire isn’t feeling quite so elated. She reveals to Sandy that the night she went out with Adam and some other couples during Confessions Week – she and Adam did in fact kiss, despite denying it at the time. Sandy urges Claire to tell Jesse as soon as possible.

The experiment welcomes two new couples. Self-confessed control freak Tasmanian Tayla isn’t a fan of compromise and is in dire need of the Experts help. Nice guy Hugo is Tayla’s match, and his positive attitude is just what the Experts think she needs. Meanwhile, stunning model Evelyn is set to marry reliable sparky Rupert.

While Claire stresses about telling Jesse about her kiss with Adam, new bride-to-be Tayla breaks down on the way to the ceremony in the limo – she doesn’t want to go through with it. Hugo is none the wiser as he happily waits for his new bride.

Tayla makes her way up the aisle, only to tell Hugo she also had a goat named Hugo – a comment Hugo takes on the chin. Tayla doesn’t seem impressed by her husband-to-be, but as they exchange vows, Hugo’s beautiful words captivate Tayla and win her over.

Evelyn and Rupert’s wedding is a comedy of errors as a nervous Rupert messes up at every opportunity. At the ceremony, Rupert drops the wedding rings, stuffs up his vows and even manages to lose the rings. Evelyn continues to patiently help Rupert struggle through.

Evelyn and Rupert’s reception doesn’t get any better as they endure a very awkward photoshoot and have the world’s most awkward one on one chat which only cements Evelyn’s frustrations at a mute and useless Rupert.

Meanwhile over at the other wedding, Claire is sitting on her big secret and is terrified to tell a happy Jesse. Sandy has told Dan about Claire’s secret, and she wonders if Claire will tell Jesse today, given they are at another couple’s wedding. Meanwhile, Jesse is having the time of his life soaking in the joy of the wedding day and reliving his own happy memories. Claire eventually finds the courage to take Jesse outside and reveals she did in fact kiss Adam weeks ago. Jesse is shocked, angry and then devastated…. And he cannot wait to see Adam.


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