Neighbours welcomes Harlow to the family dynasty

Neighbours welcomes Harlow to the family dynasty

Last night, Neighbours made it feel like it was 2006 again as Paul got the shock of his life.

Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) son David (Takaya Honda) wanted to use his incarcerated half-brother Robert Robinson (Adam Hunter) as a case-study, but just as the siblings are about to speak, Paul arrives at the prison. Angered to see his father, Rob retreats, refusing to see any more visitors. Unfortunately, that meant that Rob’s daughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan), who had flown all the way from the UK, was unable to finally meet her father.

When we pick up again tonight, Paul, Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David are shocked to learn that Rob had fathered a child all those years ago. Harlow explains how to come to be and that she has been writing to her father for years, finally glad to be able to meet him face to face. Aaron and David invite Harlow back to Erinsborough to stay with them until she can arrange another meeting with Rob, since she’d come so far already.

The big question is, how is Paul going to react to Harlow’s presence, and will he be able to connect with his new granddaughter?

Whip smart, diplomatic and a complex young lady with a curious mind, Harlow wastes no time leaving her mark on Ramsay Street. As we all know, the Robinson name is synonymous with drama, so when Harlow lands on the Street, drama will quickly ensue.

As her complicated family history starts to unravel before her eyes, the search for her father reveals much more than she was anticipating. Apart from learning more about her psychotic and murderer father Rob, there’s a whole host of Robinsons to get to know and learn about.

Jemma Donovan brings a natural spark to the screen that makes Harlow an incredibly entertaining character. As a third generation Donovan to arrive in Erinsborough, after her father Jason (Scott Robinson) and grandfather Terence (Doug Willis), she slots into the current cast lineup nicely, allowing us the delve back into the complex Robinson family history. I genuinely can’t wait to see how her character develops and the journey the writers have in store for her.

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