Neighbours welcomes a new Brennan Brother

Neighbours welcomes a new Brennan Brother

Things are about to heat up on Ramsay Street and female hearts will be set a flutter.

From Tuesday, June 16, Mark and Tyler Brennan (played by Scott McGregor and Travis Burns) will be left stunned by the arrival of their middle brother, Aaron, played by Matt Wilson.

As Mark struggles with Tyler’s secretive behaviour, he reaches out to Aaron for some brotherly support. Aaron comes to his brother’s aid and makes his presence in Erinsborough known thanks to an unforgettable gyrating Magic Mike routine.

Estranged from his family, after he disclosed his sexuality, Aaron’s arrival results in an unforeseen reunion for the Brennan brothers and heralds the first time the brothers have featured on Neighbours together.

Series Producer, Jason Herbison,has hinted there is more to come : “Neighbours’ core is about families and we’ve had a lot of fun expanding the Brennan clan. Watch out – there are more to come.”

Neighbours airs 6:30 PM on Eleven