Neighbours Toadie Celebrates 20 years

Neighbours Toadie Celebrates 20 years

One of Neighbours most popular characters is celebrating twenty years on the soap.

Ryan Moloney first stepped onto Ramsay Street in 1994. Recruited to appear as a featured extra in just one scene, the character of Jarrod “Toadie” Rebecchi unexpectedly struck a chord with Australian audiences.

Over the next year, Ryan appeared occasionally as a guest. In 1995, producers realised they had created a popular new character and Toadie and his famous mullet took up permanent residency on Ramsay Street.

Over the past 20 years, viewers have seen the highs, lows, tears and triumphs of Toadie’s life. They have been there to witness his two weddings, the birth of his two children, his strip tease and his part-time career as a wrestler..

To coincide with Ryan’s 20th anniversary, Toadie is currently dealing with one of the most challenging, poignant and heart-wrenching storylines to date.  After badly injuring himself trying to rescue his daughter, Toadie is struggling to come to terms with being confined to a wheelchair and the subsequent effect that his paralysis will have on the Rebecchi clan.

Neighbours legends Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne, who play Dr. Karl and Susan Kennedy, have witnessed Ryan’s transformation.

Alan said: “To put it simply, Ryan is a funny guy and that makes working with him a joy. He is always the first to find a quirky, amusing angle in each scene and that keeps the work fresh and engaging. This quality alone has made him a household favourite the world over.”

To help celebrate the momentous occasion, Lesley Baker and Andrew Engleman will return to Neighbours to reprise their roles as Toadie’s irrepressible mother, Angie Rebecchi, and his larrikin brother, Stonefish. 

Toadie’s Top 20 Moments On Neighbours Over 20 Years

. 1. Toadie attempts to blackmail Lucy Robinson with nude photos he found of her in a British porn magazine – 1998.

2. Toadie becomes best mates with Billy Kennedy and eventually moves into the Kennedy’s house – 1998.

3. Toadie’s mother Angie discovers Toadie has an IQ of 135 – 1998.

4. Lou cuts off Toadie’s mullet – 1999.

5. Toadie bares all in a Full Monty-esque strip tease – 1999.

6. Toadie is strapped naked to a pole on his wedding day – 2003.

7. After just marrying Dee, Toadie’s car goes over a cliff and his wife is never seen again – 2003.

8. While watching footy on TV, Toadie recognises his cousin Stingray Timmins streaking across the field and turns up at the ground as his lawyer – 2004.

9. Toadie and Conner’s dreams come true when Toadie inherits a bikini shop as payment from a dodgy client – 2005.

10. Toadie becomes a part-time wrestler called The Lawman, with a costume sewn by Lyn Scully – 2005.

11. Toadie gets shot in the back by Guy Sykes – 2006.

12. Toadie is left at the altar by Steph Scully – 2008.

13. Toadie says goodbye to his beloved dog Bob – 2009.

14. Toadie discovers that the woman he is dating, Sonya, is also the biological mother of his adopted son Callum – 2013.

15. Toadie fails to get Steph off a manslaughter charge and she goes to jail – 2011. (She later returned to seek revenge in 2013.)

16. After discovering there is a minuscule chance of Sonya falling pregnant because of Toadie’s low sperm count, Sonya unexpectedly falls pregnant and Nell arrives – 2012.

17. There is an explosion at Toadie and Sonya’s wedding reception and two guests are killed – 2013.

18. In order to nab a high-paying client, Toadie attends a nudist lunch with them – 2014.

19. Naomi Canning decides Toadie is her kind of man and sets about ambushing his marriage – 2014.

20. Toadie is paralysed when trying to stop an out-of-control jumping castle blowing away – 2015.

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