Neighbours sets up delightful clifftop encounter

It’s the episode we’ve waited forever for – Neighbours has finally confirmed that Dee Bliss is in fact alive.

The revelation came when Heather (Kerry Armstrong) flew out to Byron Bay and tracked down the mysterious Riley (Lliam Murphy), aka Park Bench Guy, who eventually sets up a meeting between Heather and ‘Karen’. But it’s not Heather who meets up with Karen, it’s Andrea (Madeline West), and she’s soon face to face with Dee (also Madeleine West, obviously).

When we pick up the story this evening, Andrea and Dee circle each other. Dee is full of questions, and when Andrea tries to walk away without answering, Dee attempts to stop her. However, in a moment of rage, Andrea reacts, leading to great consequences. Just how will this explosive and long-time-coming confrontation play out?

Meanwhile, back in Erinsborough, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is shocked when Ian (Nathan Carter) turns up and claims he’s heard from Karen and that she’s apparently confirmed she is Dee and is also on her way to see Toadie. How will Toadie react?

When all the pieces of this intense, confusing and gobsmacking episode come to a close, fans will be left gasping.

Without giving away any of the twists contained within the episode, executive producer Jason Herbison brings fans a must-see episode as one of Neighbours longest-running mysteries reaches its biggest crescendo moment so far by just focusing on the one storyline.

Madeleine West provides one of the most memorable performances so far, juggling her two characters sharing the same scenes. Don’t miss this amazing showdown as this storyline reaches its conclusion and all the answers finally start to come out.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on 10 Peach