Neighbours set to Sizzle All Summer Long

Neighbours fans Get set to take a trip to the steamy side of suburbia this summer as Australia’s favourite neighbourhood burns brighter than ever before as we begin summer. For the first time in its 33 year history, Neighbours will be dishing up dangerously delightful drama all through December and into the new year. No breaks. No pauses. No reruns. Just extra juiciness, from us, your one and only source into the delectable lives of Ramsay Street’s residents.

And because we don’t like to do things in halves, later this month the iconic Australian drama will reach yet another milestone when its history making 8000th episode explodes onto screens across the country.

So, as the temperature continues to rise behind the closed doors of everyone’s much loved cul-de-sac, just what can be expected?

  • We hear a former Ramsay Street resident will return from the dead, only to haunt Erinsborough once more.
  • They say the harder you rise the faster you fall, but evil nanny Alice (Kerry Armstrong) will stop at nothing to pull off her poisonous plot against a much-loved resident.
  • The only thing more shocking than the truth are the lies people tell to cover it up. We might know that Susan (Jackie Woodburne) pushed Finn (Rob Mills) off the cliff, but will he survive her murderous act? The answer is waiting in the wings, ready for revelation.
  • Some of our neighbours aren’t as pure as they’d like to be, and a shocking cheating scandal and consequent pregnancy will shake a hot new couple to its core.
  • Everybody knows the biggest presents come in the smallest boxes, but will two of Ramsay Street’s favourite couples actually make it down the aisle?
  • An infinitely sunny exterior doesn’t make Erinsborough immune to loss, and the devastating death of a fan favourite will change the lives of our neighbours, and us, forever.

Neighbours’ Executive Producer, Jason Herbison said: “Neighbours is putting on a party this summer so slip into something comfortable and come and join us. We’re serving  up cocktails with twists and turns, blasts from the past, betrayal, love, lust and intrigue a plenty.  It all happens on Ramsay Street and we’ll be ending 2018 on a high and starting the new year with a bang.”

Network Ten Executive Producer of Neighbours, Sara Richardson said: “It’s a thrilling time to be with your favourite Neighbours. We have worked hard to turn the heat up on Ramsay Street over summer. 8000 episodes in and Neighbours is still finding ways to be adventurous, funny, bold and relevant…it’s the escape you’ve been looking for over the holidays and 10 Peach is ready to take you there.”

Strap yourselves in. We’re about to bring this simmering neighbourhood to the boil.

Neighbours airs 6.30pm Weeknights. Only On 10 Peach.