Neighbours releases Sonya’s Death trailer (Spoiler Warning

Neighbours have confirmed the end is neigh for Sonya with the release of a heartbreaking new trailer.

There won’t be a dry eye in the neighbourhood when Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey) loses her brave battle with ovarian cancer next Tuesday on Neighbours

During a very special and emotionally-charged two-hander episode, Sonya and Jarrod ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) head off on a road-trip to meet their children at the beach house for a much needed weekend away.

Little do they know; this will be Sonya’s last day on earth. Stopping at the hospital for a routine check-up, Sonya is told that the cancer has spread to her brain.


Eve Morey said: “While we were filming this storyline, one of our family members was actually going through their own personal cancer battle, so it was something that was so important not only to me and my family, but for everyone watching that has gone through a similar journey. It was imperative to me that we portray this storyline in the most honest and authentic way, and I really think we succeeded.

“This whole storyline was by far the most meaningful story that I have had the privilege of being involved in during the course of my time on Neighbours and I am thankful that I finished up doing something so authentic and important, but also something that raises much needed awareness,” Eve said.

Network 10, Head of Drama, Rick Maier said: “This is without doubt the most emotional Neighbours moment of all time – a very big statement we know. There is no way to watch this beautiful farewell without realising the absolute strength and power of the underpinning values of this show. Eve and Ryan are just devastating. Watch this, then quickly call the people you love and tell them.”

Neighbours Executive Producer, Jason Herbison said: “Sonya’s departure from Neighbours is just as heartbreaking for us as it is for viewers. Eve is one of the finest actors of her generation and we knew we had an opportunity to tell not just a memorable story, but an important one too.

“Ovarian cancer is a devastating and misunderstood disease and it can strike at any time. I couldn’t be more proud of Eve and Ryan’s performance throughout the storyline and the final, two-hander episode that was directed by beautifully by Kate Kendall,” he said.

Ovarian Cancer Australia CEO, Jane Hill said: “We are so thrilled to have the support of an iconic and much loved television series like Neighbours to help generate much needed awareness for Ovarian Cancer. We have received such a positive response from our community since the show featuring Sonya’s diagnosis went to air.

“Ovarian Cancer is one of the deadliest women’s cancers with a low 46% survival rate. Exposure like this will go a long way in helping Ovarian Cancer Australia continue to support the thousands of women living with the disease and ultimately help improve the survival rate.”


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