Neighbours Launches Mark Brennan Webisodes series

Neighbours Launches Mark Brennan Webisodes series

If you liked The choose your own adventure books as a kid your going to love this.

To concide with return of fan favourite character Mark (Scott McGregor), Neighbours have launched a series of interactive webisodes called Brennan On The Run.

The webisodes tell the story of his time away from Erinsborough, when he was forced to enter witness protection in 2013.. Each webisode ends with a choice for the character’s next move, allowing viewers to choose the outcome of the story and take control of Brennan’s fate. Facing challenges, dodging danger and encountering a new love interest, a yes or no answer directs viewers to a different video.

The webisodes also mark the introduction of love interest Sienna Matthews (Sarah Roberts), who was mentioned during Brennan’s brief return to Erinsborough in 2013.

 The videos were given a darker feel then  fans are used to by being filmed on a red scarlet camera by Neighbours’ Digital Producer, Ric Forster. They  have a total running time of just under 20 minutes and can be viewed here

Neighbours, airs 6.30pm weeknights on ELEVEN.



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