Neighbours Gives Us Another Dose Of Robert

Neighbours Gives Us Another Dose Of Robert

The drama of Christmas isn’t over just yet as Neighbours returns to our favourite villain Robert.

The wedge between Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Paul (Stefan Dennis) intensifies as she and David (Takaya Honda), who has just been releases from hospital, plan to visit Robert (Adam Hunter) in prison. Harlow wants her grandfather to join them, at least to thank Robert for saving David’s life. But Paul refuses – one good deed doesn’t outweigh Robert’s history of murder and destruction.

But Paul is left confronted when Terese (Rebekha Elmaloglou) admits that he’ll never find peace for himself if he can’t accept Harlow’s view of her father. Terese realises she needs to make Paul see that he needs to accept that Harlow wants to build a relationship with Robert and get to know the father she’s grown up without. But even if he does that, can he bring himself to visit his son in prison again?

While David and Harlow make it to the prison to see Robert, can Paul face his son? And how could opening himself to Robert again affect the Robinson family dynamic?

One thing’s for certain, fans best not miss this important instalment of Erinsborough drama, and another major chapter in Robinson history.