Neighbours gives a bittersweet farewell

Tonight Neighbours farewells some much loved characters in an unmissable installment.

It’s no secret that Paige (Olympia Valance) and Jack (Andrew Morley) are leaving Erinsborough, but what transpires in the episode is more a celebration of one of Neighbours’ most popular characters.

Since she arrived in Erinsborough in 2014 in search for her biological parents, Paige has been through a lot- from successfully finding them to forming friendships and families, to her tumultuous love life that has formed several love triangles. We’ve watched her relationship with Mark (Scott McGregor) grow, resulting in two engagements and in true Neighbours fashion, an eventful wedding which saw her get arrested. A chance meeting with a stranger saw her fall in love with John Doe, only to be torn apart when revealed he’s a priest named Jack. They had their own troubles, like her falling pregnant and his love for the church preventing them from truly being together, only to find love again after a moment of weakness pushed them back together.

Flash forward to tonight and after 4 years, Paige is preparing to step into a new future but the old hurt between Paige and Mark returns when the exes cross paths. Will there be closure before Paige, Jack and little Gabe depart for good? You will have to wait and see, but Olympia Valance and Andrew Morley give performances that prove they will be missed and mark the end of one of the show’s most  popular characters.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on Eleven