Neighbours gets set for a huge week of revelations

So Neighbours fans are in for a huge week that can be described in one word Unmissable.

Last Friday Neighbours ended on a particularly exciting story line when Lauren  (Kate Kendall) told her mother over the phone that it was time for her secret to come out.  Viewers know that Lauren ssecret is that she e was once pregnant with Brad Willis’s baby. Upon hearing that her daughter is about to spill the beans Kathy (Tina Busil)l  decides to do an impromptu visit with a bombshell that will change everything.

While I can’t reveal what the bombshell is I can say that it will certainly shock both the Turner and Willis families to their core. Also expect some fireworks when Lou (Tom Oliver) come face to face with Kathy for the first time in years.

Neighbours airs 6:30 Weeknights on Eleven.