Neighbours fans prepare to celebrate

Neighbours fans prepare to celebrate

Starting from tonight the show celebrates it’s 30th anniversary.

The anniversary episodes revolve around an Erinsborough Festival, hosted by Paul Robinson, which kicks off tonight. The festival gives many old faces the chance to return. Among the returnees are Janelle Timmins, Lucas Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villante, Nina Tucker, Des Clarke, Sky Mangel, Guy Carpenter and Tom Ramsay and Neighbour’s icons  Harold and Madge Bishop.

Show producers are keeping tight lipped about what transpires over the next few weeks  with fans and media in a frenzy wondering if Amber and Daniel will get married and how Madge will  appear given her death occurred in 2001.

With the 30th aniversery episodes being planned  a year in advance  Neighbours fans are in for three weeks of very special episodes.

Neighbours airs 6:30 PM weeknights on Eleven