Neighbours Drops all the Truth Bombs

Neighbours Drops all the Truth Bombs

As flashback week comes to an end, Neighbours reveals all the secrets from the two-year time jump.

When we returned to Erinsborough, it’s the day before the vow renewal and Mel (Lucinda Cowden) is still shaken by Krista and Eden (Costa D’Angelo).

At The Waterhole, David (Takaya Honda) is trying to calm Mel and insists she goes to the police but she refuses. Paul (Stefan Dennis) sees that she’s upset as Eden enters The Waterhole, and David and Mel eventually end up in the penthouse. Here, David reveals that he doesn’t want to keep things from Aaron (Matt Wilson) anymore, but unbeknownst to both of them, Aaron has overheard, with Paul and Nicolette (Hannah Monson) in tow.

Mel initially refused to talk in order to protect them, but eventually relents on the condition that Toadie (Ryan Moloney) doesn’t find out. Mel then arranges to meet with Krista to put an end to things once and for all, saying there will be no more money and that Krista needs to get help. A confrontation ensues which sees Mel push Krista into the pool where she bumps her head.

After dragging her out of the water, Mel commences CPR. Realising she needs help, she goes to Paul who insists on not calling the police and instead stay here and do nothing.

In present day, Paul bursts into Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) house, but it’s to late and everyone knows the truth as sirens are heard in the background.

But it’s not over just yet.

Back to that fateful night, Paul rushes to the scene to find Krista missing and Eden on the roof. He calls it a tragedy and offers Paul $500,000 to stay quiet. To protect David and Mel, it’s agreed that everyone stay quiet.

On the day of the vow renewal, David asks him if he can really go through with it after everything that’s happened, and mid-way through the ceremony, Paul bails.

Outside the police station, Terese comforts Paul, reminding him that she accepted him for who he is, and if he had been honest back them, a solution could have been found, and maybe David, Aaron, Nicolette and baby Isla wouldn’t have left the street over Paul’s actions.

As flashback week comes to a close, a huge round of applause to all the key case who delivered some truly amazing performances. And I can’t forget the stellar work of Jason Herbison, who penned three of this week’s episodes, with Elizabeth Packet penning Wednesday’s episode. Everything flowed seamlessly and showed us that Neighbours is well and truly back.

The flashbacks may be over, but the fallout is only just beginning.

Neighbours airs 4:00pm Monday-Thursday on 10, with the episode repeated at 6:30pm on 10Peach.


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