Neighbours airs the first death in Death Trap Week

Neighbours airs the first death in Death Trap Week

It was promised to be big but nothing prepared fans for what happened on Neighbours last night .

In one of Neighbours’ most emotional and heartbreaking scenes since Harold Bishop said goodbye to his beloved wife Madge, Erinsborough farewelled Joshua Willis after he died in an explosion.

The biggest week in the 31-year history of the iconic drama series kicked off on Monday  when the boiler room at Lassiters exploded, injuring many Ramsay Street residents.

The fallout from the catastrophic event was felt in  a special one hour episode, with Joshua ( Harley Bonner  and Daniel Robinson (Tim Phillipps)  pinned under a fallen beam, fighting for survival.

In a heroic move to save his sister’s soul mate, Joshua demanded the rescue crew free Daniel in exchange for his own life.

Network Ten Drama Executive, Claire Tonkin, said: “With its mix of heartbreak and bravery, anguish and hope, Neighbours’ biggest week ever has kicked off a host of compelling new storylines. What is in store next for the good – and not so good – folks of Erinsborough? What do the new arrivals have planned for our favourites? And who is to blame for the Lassiters disaster that caused all of this chaos? You’ll just have to watch and see.”

Neighbours Executive Producer, Jason Herbison, said: “We promised it would be the biggest week ever and while I know viewers are reeling over the death of Joshua, please don’t put the tissues away yet. Tonight we lose one of our much loved long-term characters and there are more surprises to come from the debris. However, despite all the drama of this week, it’s not all despair. There are some very happy endings and surprise arrivals in store over the coming weeks.”

The shocking twists and turns of Neighbours’ most unforgettable week have only just begun. Tonight viewers will see the tragic demise of another Erinsborough resident, leaving many members of the Neighbours family overwhelmed with grief.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on Eleven


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