Nature’s Fury comes to National Geographic tomorrow

Nature’s Fury comes to National Geographic tomorrow
A coyote howls. The coyote's vocalizations are one of the few wild animals commonly heard; the coyote howl is used to communicate with other coyotes in the area. (Photo Credit: ©2011 iStockphoto LP)

National Geographic Australia & New Zealand will commence broadcasting a new six-part documentary series from Essential Media and Beyond International, titled “Nature’s Fury”, which examines the devastating impact mother nature can have on us all.

Nature’s Fury will examine how Australasia’s weather is evolving and mutating by reviewing some of the worst natural disasters over the past decade.

Nature’s Fury will examine why events that were previously considered “once in a generation” have now become so commonplace.

These events are examined by scientists and experts; as well as by survivors and eyewitnesses to the worst impacts of Nature’s Fury.

Brendan Dahill, General Manager for Essential Media said: “we are delighted to be working with both National Geographic and Beyond International to create a series that could not be more timely nor relevant right now – considering the extreme weather conditions we have witnessed here in Australia in the past 12 months – from drought, to bush fires and catastrophic flooding.”  

Mikael Borglund, CEO & Managing Director of Beyond International said: “We are really proud to have worked on this series with Essential Media. As well as co-producing the show, we are also launching it to international buyers for distribution worldwide.  Having experienced some of the worst natural disasters in our country’s history, I’m sure this series will provoke further interest from international viewers as well as those here in Australia.”

Nicole Keeffe, Content & Program Manager, National Geographic Australia & New Zealand said: “This series showcasing how amazing yet devastating the Australian environment can be is something that all viewers of National Geographic can relate to. Essential Media has a great history of telling Australian stories so we are looking forward to bringing Nature’s Fury to our viewers.”

Nature’s Fury premieres Thursday June 11 at 8.30pm AEST on National Geographic.