Nathan Borg joins Neighbours in guest role

Nathan Borg joins Neighbours in guest role

Great news on  international Day of People with Disability Neighbours continues to make great strides towards inclusion with the casting of  Nathan Borg –  the first actor on Australian television with a cochlear implant.

The 24-year-old was born six weeks premature and contracted meningitis at the age of three months old leaving him profoundly deaf. He received a cochlear implant in his right ear at the age of two and started to learn and hear for the first time.

Nathan didn’t let being hard of hearing dim his hunger for acting which was ignited when he was 17 through school productions. He later went on to complete various performing arts courses and workshops which is where he met Neighbours’ Executive Producer Jason Herbison and casting director Thea McLeod.

“Growing up I never saw anyone like me on television, so I knew it was time to have a hard of hearing actor on our Australian screens. I think it’s important in this industry that people with all disabilities of all ages get to tell their stories.” said Nathan who stated filming on the nightly soap in November.


Nathan plays Curtis Perkins, an easy-going guy starting his teaching career at Erinsborough High under the watchful eye of veteran educators Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones). He is passionate about helping young people and far tougher than he lets on.

“Each time I film scenes with Jackie and Annie I am constantly growing as an actor. It is such a privilege to work with such inspiring icons. Jackie has taught me to take direction and Annie has taught me to let loose on set which has been a great balance.” added Nathan.

Jason Herbison said: “Nathan’s passion for acting was clearly evident when I met him nearly a year ago and I’m delighted he is joining the cast in a recurring guest role as a young teacher fresh out of uni who isn’t defined by his hard of hearing status. He is independent and working in the community,  and like everyone on Ramsay Street, we soon discover a link with one of our residents which is going to be a lot fun.”

Nathan’s episodes will air on 10 Peach from January 28.