Natasha Exelby Farewells The Jungle.

I’m a Celebrity lost a fan favorite as Finale week began last night.

After four weeks of adhering to a strict jungle food plan of rice, beans and oats, with the occasional side of warthog butt, our sensational seven stood before the scales to learn of their astonishing body transformations.

Zero beers and no late night maccas runs have paid off for the boys, with Richard Reid, Luke Jacobz, Justin Lacko and Shane Crawford dropping a staggering 41 kilos between them.

Although ravenous, Angie Kent and Natasha Exelby were overwhelmed to learn that they had dropped a collective eight kilos.

In a powerful protest which moved the camp, the crew and this viewer at home, Yvie Jones opted out of the challenge.

Admitting to suffering a life-long eating disorder, a brave and extremely emotional Yvie gave us a reality check on the public stigma attached to being overweight and how one’s worth in the world shouldn’t be defined by the bathroom scales.

Justin tonight when he confronted Yvie at the jungle sink over her weigh-in strike.

Not the strongest wordsmith, Justin told Yvie he was offended by her comments and that he himself had been subject to public scrutiny over his weight and image.  Yvie remained composed in her response, telling him that his body type is celebrated and she would not quieten her voice in fear of offending anyone.

The Justin chronicles continued with tonight’s all-in trial, Sunday Slam. While five celebrities collected miniature Justin action figures , Justin had to find and carry the game pieces blindfolded as the rest of his teammates guided him through. Hello seven stars!

Putting her journalist jungle skills to good use, a delicately respectful Natasha had a face-to-face exclusive with Shane Crawford over his father’s death.

He got emotional a few weeks ago over missing his sons, and big softie Shane welled up again tonight talking about his dad’s battle with cancer, the final days leading up to his passing and how he never got to see him play footy.

Later in the show, Chris and Julia announced that news reader, Natasha Exelby, was the eighth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Natasha loved to put her journalistic hat on, getting invaluable in-camp exclusives with Sam Dastyari, Shane Crawford and Katherine Kelly Lang.

But the spotlight often fell on her, with Tash opening up about that infamous on-air blunder, incredible war stories, and her struggle with depression.

Justin Lacko may be the Trial King, but Tash was the unrelenting queen of trial trash talk, proving her sassiness to host Dr. Chris any moment she could.

Natasha competed in an impressive five trials, the most memorable being Trubble Bath, where she was forced to answer a Q&A in a bath whilst approaching the cliff of a mountain.

Natasha proved that she may be the queen of sass talk, but unfortunately, not of Michael Jackson’s music catalogue. It’s pretty black and white when you don’t know the answers, and sure, it may be dangerous,but what a thriller it was to see Tash go over the edge.

Tune in tonight  to see 10 News First’s Sandra Sully bring the final six news from home and around the globe and Dr. Chris and Julia announce the ninth jungle evictee.