Myf Warhurst and Ryan Gallagher Farewell The Jungle.

Myf Warhurst and Ryan Gallagher Farewell The Jungle.

It’s getting to the prickly end of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! and we don’t want any of them. to go.

On tonight’s charming little episode, the sensational seven paired off to reflect on their personal and professional lives.

Rhonda Burchmore and Myf Warhurst discussed how tough the entertainment industry can be, particularly for ageing women. They talked about their experience in the fickle business and how Cher, Madonna, and Bette Midler are heroic for still working their trade. They both congratulate each other for breaking the mould.

Cosentino and Charlotte Crosby took to the creek to reflect on their differing careers. Cos told Charlotte about how hard he worked for years to be recognised – the hard slog with no reward, and nobody taking him seriously. Charlotte talked about life before Geordie Shore, and how a breakup with her then boyfriend became the catalyst for her to submit an application. They congratulated each other and talked about how glad they were to have met one another.

Dale Thomas opened up to Miguel Maestre further about his dysfunctional relationship with his late father. Labelling him an alcoholic and physically abusive, Dale insisted the experience has made him a better dad.

The dad-of-one later explained that after not seeing him for five years, his father showed up again unexpectedly when he was drafted into the AFL.

Charlotte pressed Ryan Gallagher for what he will say about their romance once they return to the outside world. Ryan said he would willingly move to England but Charlotte discouraged him, saying she didn’t want anyone to follow her around.

Rhonda, Myf and Cos competed in a taste-testing trial from hell. From blended mouse to pigs nipples—it was bon appe-‘tit’ all round.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that Myf Warhurst and Ryan Gallagher were the next two celebrities to leave the jungle.

Warm, gentle and maternal, we really put music, television and radio royalty Myf through the trenches during her I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! experience.

Within moments of entering the jungle, self-proclaimed acrophobic Myf had to bungee jump from a moving helicopter. Later, during the scariest trial we’ve ever done (which was actually called that) Myf was visibly shaken and emotional as she was flung off a 94 metre waterfall.

During camp conversations, Myf was incredibly honest, attentive and vulnerable.

Myf opened up to Perez about her short run on IVF and the chat turned to adoption policies in Australia, and how unfair they are for single but willing and able people. In a robust debate about Australia Day, Myf agreed that the date should be changed to acknowledge all Australians.

Spicing up the camp with some celebrity tea, Myf revealed that she once went on a date with Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam.

One of Ryan’s attractions for doing I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! was that it wasn’t a reality show about love. And then he went and fell in love.

From the moment they met, sparks flew between Ryan and Charlotte Crosby. And Australia was there to watch their TV love story unfold. The on again, off again couple kept us guessing, from their first kiss and everything in between, the duo proved this was definitely a romance and not a showmance.

One of the other main attractions for Ryan to join the 2020 cast, was to make money and create awareness for his charity, National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organisation close to his heart.

Ryan spoke a lot about his mother’s 26 year long battle with cancer, and the emotional toll it had on him growing up. Ryan was also incredibly honest about mental illness, opening up about his personal battle with anxiety and the stigma attached to men and mental health. He was also brutally honest about his difficult experience on the show Married At First Sight, in particular his volatile relationship with ex-TV wife Davina.

Ryan competed in an impressive five trials, with his mum and his charity always at the forefront of his mind to help push him through. Whilst Ryan forged strong relationships with Charlotte and Dale Thomas, he clashed with Tanya Hennessy and Perez Hilton over socks and bananas.

Tune in tonight to see Dale, Charlotte and Miguel partake in the epic water trial, The Big Wave, and another unlucky celebrity bids farewell to camp life for good.