My Kitchen Rules Shock double elimination

My Kitchen Rules Shock double elimination

My Kitchen Rules farewelled the instant restaurants with a double elimination last night.

The shock twist left all teams unclear on their place on the leader board last night following Carmine & Lauren’s final shot at redemption.

With host Pete Evans explaining that redemption goes hand-in-hand with improvement, it was the teams who increased their first round scores the most who lived to fight another round. Sadly, that meant Queensland’s Hazel & Lisa (six point improvement) and Monique and Sarah (minus six) departed the competition.

Their exit also ended the fierce competitive barbs being traded around the table between Lauren and the departed Monique and Lisa.

 As she prepared to welcome guests into her home, Lauren quipped: “Getting rid of those two teams would be nice. I wouldn’t miss them.”

While their second attempt at serving diners was immensely more successful that their first with a 24-point improvement and Manu asking for a doggy-bag of their Saffron Cockles and Mussels entrée, baking queen Lauren was left broken-hearted when her dessert failed.

“Unfortunately your dessert didn’t live up to its name,” said Pete of Lauren’s Famous Mud Cake. “The cake is light and crumbly, not as dense as I expect a mud cake. The ganache still has grainy bits of sugar in it that hasn’t dissolved properly so it’s gritty which gives you an unpleasant mouth feel. The ice cream unfortunately is icy and lacking in flavour,” he said in awarding it a five.

Despite table-talk accusations of strategic scoring, the duo polled 33/50 from their fellow competitors to keep them safe for another week.

Tonight the MKR competition moves into Kitchen HQ tonight as a series of challenges begin to test the skills and stamina of the remaining 13 teams who must cook  lunch buffet-style for 100 guests.

 My Kitchen Rules airs Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on Seven