My Kitchen Rules sends another team packing

Last night My Kitchen Rules served up another elimination as the series reached the top ten.

Mark and Chris faced Brett and Marie in a sudden death that left nothing to chance

The boys plated up a three-course meal that consisted of Entrée: Lobster with Bisque  Main: Girello Cotoletta with Polenta and Broad Bean Salad and a Dessert: Pistachio Cannoli with Dark Chocolate Mousse.

The love birds  cooked up an Entrée: Sugar Seared Scallops with Tomato & Fig Salsa Main: Venison & Mushroom Roulade with Sweet Potato & Truffle Puree Dessert: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwichs

When it comes to the judging of the entrees Mark & Chris’s bisque. Liz Eagen says its elegant and delicate, a great way to start. Karen Martini says it could have been strained again to make it smoother, but the flavour is there. Next is the scallops from Brett & Marie. Guy says they were cooked very well, not overcooked. Colin says they didn’t need to add sugar to it. Pete says it’s a confusing dish, habanero sauce with sweet figs doesn’t mix. Manu says the chili sauce is great but doesn’t belong on the plate.

 Both teams had troubles with their main as  Brett & Marie run out of mushroom pâté for their roulade. They need to make more, but they don’t have much time to repeat a whole element. Mark & Chris realise they are running out of time when they start cooking their schnitzel as they had focused on their cannelloni.

 Upon tasting Brett  & Marie’s venison. Liz says the marriage of flavours didn’t work in the dish. Colin said the truffle has overpowered the dish.

Mark & Chris’s Cotoletta is judged. Guy says it just like “Festive Sunday Lunches”, it was simple but so flavorsome. Karen says the polenta is rich and creamy.

Finally, it’s Dessert time Brett and Marie’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich is eaten first. Guy says he loved the taste of the biscuit  Liz says the biscuit was a little thick otherwise it would be perfect.

The boys Dessert was described as perfection by Karen and it ensured they won the cook-off with a score of 47 over Brett and Marie  who scored 35/60