My Kitchen Rules sends another team home

Last night My Kitchen Rules farewelled another team as the finale approaches.


Teams must cook a trio of meat in 90mins – the same type of meat, cooked three different ways, presented on the one plate. However, there were only four meats for the teams to choose from: 2 x beef, 2 x chicken, 2 x pork and 2 x lamb, with a variety of cuts. Della & Tully have the advantage of choosing the order in which teams choose their preferred protein as they had the Dish of the Day at the last Quarter Final. The team that creates the best trio of meat has a big advantage the next time they cook. The two weakest teams will cook again today in a one dish Sudden Death and one team will be eliminated.

Amy & Tyson – TRIO OF BEEF: Wagyu Steak with Onion Cream / Oxtail with Tarragon Mash / Crumbed Minute Steak (SAFE + DISH OF THE DAY)

David & Betty – TRIO OF CHICKEN: Banh Mi Chicken Taco / Larb Gai / Chicken Wonton Soup (SAFE)

Della & Tully – TRIO OF PORK: Pulled Pork Donut with Apple / Pork Belly with Sweet Potato / Pork Fillet with Pea Purée (SAFE)

Mark & Chris – TRIO OF CHICKEN: Rolled Chicken with Mushroom Purée / Chicken Lollipops with Parsnip Purée / Lemon Garlic Chicken Wing (SAFE)

Valerie & Courtney – TRIO OF LAMB: Shish Kebab with Paratha and Mint Chutney / Lamb Masala with Clove Rice / Lamb Mulligatawny (SAFE)

Karen & Ros – TRIO OF PORK: Pork Shoulder with Polenta / Crispy Pork Belly / Pork Cutlet with Pickled Apple

Tim & Kyle – TRIO OF BEEF: Spaghetti and Meatballs / Beef Parmigiana / Peppered Beef



The two weakest teams have 90mins to create three taste sensations that are complete in themselves, but work together on the one plate.

  Karen and Ros went for a trio of chocolate-themed desserts — fudgy chocolate cake with raspberry coulis, chocolate chilli mousse with raspberries, and chocolate crumb with balsamic strawberries and mascarpone.For me the highlight was your chocolate mousse,” Pete Evans said after the tasting. “The one fault I have is your fudgy chocolate cake. It was a little bit dense. Good but not perfect.”

Tim and Kyle plated up  a trio of mousses — yoghurt mousse with caramelised pineapple and balsamic strawberries, dark chocolate mousse with pear and sweet dukkah, and ricotta mousse with grilled peaches and honey thyme syrup. “You really pushed the boundaries tonight with three perfect mousses,” Feildel said.

“You really pushed the boundaries with three perfect mousses,” Manu  said. Pete Evans described the mousse trio as “the dessert of the competition”. and with that Karen and Ros left the competition.