My Kitchen Rules Reveals Group 3

My Kitchen Rules Reveals Group 3

With the current round of instant restaurants coming to a close on Sunday Seven has revealed the next stage of the competition

Another group of home contestants will open their homes to Colin Fassnidge and new judge Rachel Khoo from Monday night..

Lovebirds Eve, 44, and Jason, 43, might’ve been together for 23 years, but they’re just as in love as any newlyweds. In fact, in all their years together they’ve only spent two nights apart. Ever.

Chris, 44, and Cookie, 44, almost couldn’t have met any younger than they did – their fathers played rugby league together in Newcastle ensuring an in-built love of sport and a lifelong friendship from birth. Chris, now a sports physiotherapist, and dietician Cookie are both fathers to two looking for the next phase in their careers.

Hazel and Lisa are not your typical mother-daughter team. Fitness trainer Hazel, at 48, is only 10 years older than her step daughter and they are more like best friends who love to shop and cook together. Expect a focus on clean eating when sitting at their dinner table.

Only child Tarq has always had the undivided attention of his dad Mike in the kitchen and it certainly shows on the plate when they cook together. Tarq, 26, and Mike, 55, love nothing more than cooking for friends after a round of golf. Since the invitation often comes from the 19th hole, it’s lucky they have a well-stocked pantry.

Tim, 30, and Dee, 28, celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary by signing up for MKR! Always after an adventure, these sweethearts love to travel, cook and gather new knowledge along the way to add to their multi-cultural union.

Before Lauren, 31, decides to become a mum and practice her pureeing techniques, she’s having a shot at the MKR title! While green smoothies and clean eating are normally on the menu at home, this nutrition student and her concreter husband Carmine, 33, are bringing the full fl vours of their Italian heritage along for the MKR ride.

 My Kitchen Rules airs 7pm Sunday and 7:3opm Monday – Wednesday on Seven 


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