My Kitchen Rules has a clash of the titans Cook Off

Last night My Kitchen Rules had an epic battle as two of this season’s most vocal teams faced off.

Seafood lovers Josh and Amy faced newlyweds  Alyse and Matt in a sudden death cook off. While both  teams traded insults through out the night there was cooking to be done.

Both teams served up seafood entrees to judges Pete Evans Manu Feildel, Liz Egan, Karen Martini, Colin Fassnidge and Guy Grossi. Alyse and Matt served up sumac spiced salmon with figs while Josh and Amy chose yellowtail kingfish with coriander nam jim and apple salad.

Both dishes were well received by the judges with Guy noting that Josh and Amy“This is beautiful piece of fresh fish that has been cut superbly. I’ve got tang here, I’ve got spice. It is a really well-balanced dish. Colin gave high praise to Josh  “Whoever has done this dish understands seafood and how simply you can present it,” he added

Alyse and Matt  have treated this fish with the utmost respect,” said Liz  “You see how perfectly they have cooked it. It just melts, it dissolves, in your mouth”.

Mains were a let down from both teams Josh and Amy plated up Thai green curry with Spanish mackerel however Josh ran in to trouble when the didn’t fry off his curry paste for long enough while failing at cooking the rice.  “the fish is overcooked which is such a shame.” said Pete.

Alyse and Matt chose lemon and herb spatchcock with silver beet and carrot puree. But they faced their own hurdles when their spatchcocks were delivered to the judges raw with burnt shallots in the puree.

“The carrot puree has got some kind of weird bitter flavour to it,” Guy said. “It is like something is burnt in there.”

For dessert Josh and Amy chose lemon meringue pie with champagne strawberries.

“They’ve let us down with the meringue and certainly the pastry could have done with a lot more cooking,” Liz said.

Alyse and Matt plated up individual banoffee pavlovas, including banana and cream, with peanut praline.

“They’ve been brave but they just haven’t got the technique to back it up,” Martini said.

In the end Alyse and Matt scored a respectable 27/60 but it wasn’t enough to save them with Josh and Amy scored a 29/60 from the judges.

Tonight  New judge Darren Robertson joins Colin Fassnidge at the dinner table as six new teams – besties Caitie & Demi, first loves Brett & Marie, mother and daughter Valerie & Courtney, cousins Lama & Sarah, footy friends Mark & Chris and business women Mell & Cyn – go all out to make their mark on the competition. First to plate up are Melbourne mates, Mark & Chris, whose instant restaurant will deliver big surprises and some seriously spectacular food.