My Kitchen Rules finds it’s top 5

Last night My Kitchen Rules said farewell to another team.


The Top 6 teams have 90mins to “Master the Disaster” – the opportunity to redo the biggest mistake they made in the competition and show the judges how much they have learnt and grown. Teams don’t need to recreate the dish exactly, but the fundamentals need to remain. The team that manages to impress the judges the most will win Dish of the Day and receive an advantage in the next cook. The two teams that fail to impress will find themselves in the next elimination round. As Dish of the Day winners at the previous challenge, Amy & Tyson will receive an additional 10min time advantage.


David & Betty – Matcha Garden (SAFE)

Tim & Kyle – Hock & Mushroom Croquettes with Mushroom Mayo (SAFE + DISH OF THE DAY)

Amy & Tyson – Mexican Beef Taco (SAFE)

Mark & Chris – Japanese Snapper en Papillote (SAFE)

Valerie & Courtney – Carrot Halwa Tart

Della & Tully – Charred Quail with Couscous and Quince Jus

 In round 2  The two teams who failed to master a previous failure are asked to look to the future and present a dish they think could be in a Grand Final. Teams have 90mins to demonstrate the skills and techniques they’ve learnt since day one. The judges don’t want to be impressed – they want to be blown away!

Valerie and Courtney plated up  Masala Beef Shin with Lentils that the judges called “tender and moist”. was enough to defeat  Della & Tully – Miso Wagyu with Bone Marrow and Tempura Vegetables that the judges called “Ladies that was the best dish you have cooked for me in the competition. It was delicious,” said Pete.