My Kitchen Rules farewells another team in cook off

Last night Mark & Chris, faced  Caitie & Demi in a cook-off that was bittersweet.

The menus in the cook-off were as follows

Mark and Chris served up an entree of fettuccine carbonara, a main of beef fillet with mushroom gratin and capsicum puree, and dessert of peanut butter parfait with salted caramel sauce.

Caitie and Demi plated an entree of gnocchi with sage and burnt butter sauce, a main of pumpkin and olive risotto with tempura zucchini flower and dessert of Italian ricotta pie with raspberry cream.

The girls made the mistake of putting their potatoes, destined for the gnocchi, through a food processor instead of a ricer.  “The gnocchi is stodgy, it is rubbery, and the sauce isn’t great,” chessePete  Evans said. “There really should be no excuse, in an hour and a half, to create this at this stage of the competition.”

Mark and Chris plated individual serves of their fettuccine rather than one big batch and the reactions were mixed from the judging panel. Colin said the end result was one of the better plates of pasta he has tasted on the show however Pete disagreed with him “The pasta is way undercooked, the egg hasn’t been cooked properly and the pancetta hasn’t been cooked properly.

When mains were served d Caitie and Demi’s decision to start cooking their risotto with 45 minutes left on the clock led to a gluggy pumpkin rice. “The risotto is chalky and I find the pumpkin and olive combination challenging,” Karen Martini noted.

The boys made a crucial error in their main when they put the capsicum into the food processor without peeling off the bitter skin. They also ditched cheese and topped the dish with breadcrumbs.

Liz Egan said that the beef had been cooked perfectly but “I have an issue with the capsicum puree — it has got a really unpleasant texture”.

When the boys plated up their small desserts which packed a punch with their flavors.  “These flavour combinations work — I just wish there was a bit more of it,” Liz Egan said.

Catie and Demi’s fates were sealed when they left the ricotta cakes in the oven too long and their raspberry sauce was runny.

Mark and Chris scored a grand total of 31/60 compared to Catie and Demi who exited the show with a score of 24/60.