Murder Uncovered March 8

Schoolgirl Leanne Holland wanted to be the next Kylie Minogue – a dream that ended with her brutal murder in 1991.

The vivacious 12-year-old was living with her father, sister and her sister’s boyfriend, Graham Stafford, near Brisbane when she disappeared on September 23. Three days later her battered body was found in bushland 8km from her home.

Stafford was convicted of Leanne’s murder and in 2006, after nearly 15 years behind bars, was released on parole. His conviction quashed in 2009.

Graham Stafford is either Australia’s most innocent man, wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

Or everyone has been fooled.

Now, Murder Uncovered can finally reveal what happened to little Leanne Holland, presenting new evidence that changes everything.

Police commissioned an extensive review of the case, its contents never released to the public. Murder Uncovered has the review. It began with 16 key suspects for Leanne’s murder and at the end, only one remained. Murder Uncovered will name that man.

This is the story of a young girl whose life ended brutally. And of Graham Stafford, who maintains his innocence for Leanne’s murder in what has become one of the most controversial cases in Australian criminal history.

And for the first time in two decades we hear from the original detectives, Leanne’s best friend, a key suspect in the murder and a key witness.


Murder Uncovered is a breakthrough investigative crime series that will blow wide open some of the worst, most infamous cases of killings and crimes in Australian criminal history.

Featuring award-winning journalist Michael Usher, each episode will examine a different case that enraged and engaged the country, presenting new evidence, major breakthroughs and fresh leads that will have you questioning everything.

Just when you thought you knew it all…


MURDER UNCOVERED airs Wednesday 8 March at 9pm on Seven