Murder Uncovered March 1

Murder Uncovered March 1

This week Murder Uncovered looks at Killer Confessions.

Featuring never-before-seen police recordings, we’ll hear the full story behind some of the most shocking crimes in our recent history – told by the killers themselves.

Like the mother of two you’d never expect to be guilty of Australia’s most gruesome killing. Mummy murderer Angelika Gavare butchered her elderly neighbour and used her children’s pram to dispose of the remains.

Gavare spun a web of lies during the three-month murder investigation. Police videotaped every conversation and interview as her story and alibi changed from week to week. Every lie, every twist and turn was recorded until she was caught by one crucial mistake.

Every cop hopes for a confession. Of the boxes upon boxes of interview tapes stored in police archives, the confession of convicted murdered Corey Breen is one in a million.

Breen embarked on a terrifying murder spree that began with carjacking and multiple assaults of friends and bystanders before he slaughtered his father and stepmother with a hunting knife while his younger step brother and sister watched on horrified.

Arrested a short time later, Breen boasted about the murders to police as he explained in graphic detail how and why he did it.  For the first time you will see the chilling police confession. And Breen’s mother, grandfather, sister and step brother – all who escaped certain death that night – speak for the first time.

Murder Uncovered is a breakthrough investigative crime series that will blow wide open some of the worst, most infamous cases of killings and crimes in Australian criminal history.

Featuring award-winning journalist Michael Usher, each episode will examine a different case that enraged and engaged the country, presenting new evidence, major breakthroughs and fresh leads that will have you questioning everything.

Just when you thought you knew it all…\

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