More Twists And Turns Than Wet‘n’Wild.

More Twists And Turns Than Wet‘n’Wild.

Thrills, spills, surprise twists and Beau Ryan in togs (that’s Queensland speak for swimwear). This was the second thrilling leg of The Amazing Race Australia.

The teams left Far North Queensland and headed south to Australia’s adrenaline capital, the Gold Coast. But sadly, despite coming second at the first Pit Stop, The Twin Models, Alex and Jack, bravely chose to withdraw from the Race due to Alex’s mental health.

The remaining twelve teams were tasked with finding their way to Kirra Beach, to perform a challenge with Australia’s iconic lifesavers. Using a series of life saver signals, one teammate directed their other half in an Inflatable Rescue Boat, to a set of numbered buoys.

And believe us when we tell you the huge surf wasn’t the only drama on the high seas! The Power Couple Holly and Dolor tried their best not to argue; The Geek couldn’t see his Princess; and Jordan from The Dancing Exes became airborne and capsized. ‘Chaos’ is an understatement.

Last to leave the beach were The Power Couple and The Mums, and just as The Mums raced to hail down a cab – which turns out, belonged to The Power Couple – an icy exchange ensued, as Dolor told The Mums to vacate the cab, refusing to share. Ouch.

Next, the Detour saw the teams chose between learning a synchronized swim routine and finding a special golden token in classic Aussie Ugg boots. Uggs sounds easy, right? Guess again. With hundreds to choose from, and some loaded with set mouse traps, this was no easy feat.

As Dolor struggled to keep his head above water in the synchronized swim, so too did The Power Couple’s plan to abstain from arguing. A few tantrums and seven attempts later, they finish the Detour in last place.

Finishing their Detours, The Parents, Shane and Deb, and The Super Sikhs raced toward the Roadblock, seeing one team member race a dirt bike around a track in 55 seconds.

In last place again, were The Power Couple, who caught up to The Mums at the dirt track. Dolor was quick to assume he could overtake Shannon, but was left eating Shannon’s dirt. She was a boss on that bike!

Onto then next location, Wet‘n’Wild water park, teams had to race down a heart-stopping, free fall water slide, before arriving at the Pit Stop.

The Super Sikhs slid down to first place at the Pit Stop, yet again. Not only did they maintain their lead, but they also received a First Class Pass, meaning they will not compete in the next lead and cannot be eliminated.

And if that wasn’t enough of a win, The Super Sikhs were handed this season’s new powerplays: the Salvage and Sabotage. A Salavage is a bonus or advantage of some kind given to one team. A Sabotage is a disadvantage or setback given to one team.

After Beau revealed this leg was a predetermined non-elimination leg, in an effort to be fair, The Super Sikhs awarded the Salvage to The Power Couple and the Sabotage to The Mums.