More MAFS weddings bring out love connections

It’s Season 10 of Australia’s most talked about experiment and two new couples are about to enter the Married at First Sight Experiment: Caitlin and Shannon and Alyssa and Duncan.

Caitlin’s lack of boundaries in the outside world saw her attracting the wrong type of men, so she is turning to the Experiment to find someone who doesn’t dull her bright light. Shannon has been heartbroken since separating with his long-term fiancé. When Caitlin & Shannon meet at the altar the connection is immediate – Shannon loves how fun and outgoing Caitlin is in her vows and Caitlin loves that Shannon seems down-to-earth, funny and a little cheeky.

Next to walk down the aisle is Alyssa & Duncan. Growing up in Utah, Alyssa was brought up Mormon and family is a huge part of her life. None more so than her 2 ½ year old son, who Alyssa prioritises over all else – including finding love.

Her match, Duncan thinks life is too short to not be in “smack you in the face” love and he hopes to finally find a deep connection with someone he can settle down and start a family with. As they meet at the altar, Alyssa thinks Duncan is gorgeous and she’s smitten. Duncan feels an instant connection with Alyssa and is equally as blown away.

While our latest newlyweds, Caitlin & Shannon and Alyssa & Duncan, revel in marital bliss at their wedding receptions, our first six couples are immersing themselves in the honeymoon phase of the Experiment. While most are embracing their new reality, in the Whitsundays, Claire and Jesse are spending the morning apart, after Jesse ‘shooshed’ Claire and revealed he has ‘the ick’. After spending time alone, Jesse has had time to reflect, and explains that he is struggling to feel manly enough for Claire.

Meanwhile, after basking in newlywed bliss at their happy nuptials, Alyssa & Duncan arrive in the mighty Murray River Region of Victoria to embark on their honeymoon, as Caitlin & Shannon feel like fish out of water at their luxurious honeymoon destination on the Gold Coast.

As the sun sets on their fun day of activities on Fraser Island, Lyndall & Cameron have come together for an intimate dinner, and with their relationship off to an already strong start, the couple will need to be open with one another once again, with the arrival of the honeymoon box, where Cameron shares his concerns about Lyndall’s Cystic Fibrosis.

After a turbulent start to their marriage, Bronte & Harrison have attempted to rekindle their romance in the Hunter Valley, but things are quick to fizzle.

The next day, having spent the day apart after a failed attempt at intimacy, Bronte and Harrison come together for dinner. But with an already tense atmosphere, the honeymoon box could not come at a more precarious time for the couple, and Harrison doesn’t hold back in telling Bronte where he thinks their relationship went wrong.

In the Whitsundays, Claire and Jesse have also received a honeymoon Box from the experts. Will Jesse’s honesty be the downfall of his relationship even before the honeymoon is even over


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