MKR Battle ends in an elimination

Last night Group 3 favorites  Lama & Sarah faced besties  Caitie & Demi in a sudden death cook-off.

Lama and Sarah plated up a three-course meal of spicy prawns with crusty bread, lamb cutlets with couscous salad and mint pea puree, and caramelised fig with olive oil ice cream.

Caitie and Demi served zucchini fritters with tzatziki, moussaka with candied lemon salad, and a galaktoboureko (milk custard) dessert.

Entrees were a hit with the judges  Pete Evans, Manu Feildel, Colin Fassnidge, Karen Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan.  Caitie and Demi’s zucchini fritters as “very confident cooking”. for Colin. Karen agreed saying  I love the play of the zucchini against the sharpness of the tzatziki.

Lama and Sarah’s prawns were  “absolutely delicious” for Pete.Guy enthused “it’s a winner for me”. “That bread is really amazing and the (spicy) sauce has got a lot of flavors,” Liz said.

After such successful entrees both teams had a bit of a disaster with Lama and Sarah throwing the lamb cutlets on the plates with seconds to go.

Manu was critical. “I struggle when we don’t even know what cuisine we’re talking about,”

“Couscous doesn’t go with peas. This is a very confusing dish.”

Some of the judges’ lamb was undercooked and others overcooked. Consistency, as well as presentation, was an issue

Caitie and Demi had a more successful main despite burning the tops of four of their individual moussakas.

“I guarantee that if they had cooked this at their instant restaurant they wouldn’t be fighting for survival because it is a decent main course,” Pete said. “It is a really good home-cooked meal,” Guy Grossi raved.

Both deserts were let downs for the judges with Lama and Sarah’s ice cream not being set.

“The figs are quite stewy”, Fassnidge said.

“I really don’t detect the olive oil in the ice cream,” Martini critiqued.

“To me, the biggest disappointment is the ice cream,” Grossi said. “It is like it is almost starting to curdle.”

Caitie and Demi were given a similar critique for their decision to use cornflakes instead of filo pastry in a twist on their classic Greek dessert.

“I’m all for putting your own spin on the classics but it has got to mean something … and this has not worked at all,” Egan said.

Evans was scathing noting, “all they had to do was plate up a traditional galaktoboureko and it would have been 20 times better than this.

In the end, Cattie and Demi scored 34/60 compared to Lama and Sarah who scored 25 thus sending them home as the instant restaurant rounds come to a close.