Mitch and Tina Reunite in the Villa

Mitch and Tina Reunite in the Villa

The villa is getting used to having two twins, after Hugh and Mads revealed it to the group.

Tina and Mitch have an emotional chat, it’s obvious there are real feelings there and both of them don’t know what to do. Tina kissed Callum and Mitch wasn’t happy about it.

Tina just wants Mitch to be more forthright and say that he wants her and give her some reassurance.  They have secret chats during the day and share a passionate kiss and come to the realisation maybe they should give things another go.

Callum and Mads are confused though, as Callum has been vibing Tina, and Mads has been getting to know Mitch. In the end Tina pulls Callum aside and tells him she is interested in having another go with Mitch and he gives his blessing. Mitch does the same with Mads.  Callum is now excited to properly get to know Mads.

Stella is finally finding happiness in the villa, sharing a kiss with Hugh.

There is a game of ‘Mr Love Island’ and Jordan comes out on top.

At night the Islanders are called to the fire pit, and Mads and Hugh have to choose who their brother and sister will couple up with. Mads chooses Stella for Hugh, and Hugh chooses Callum for Mads.

However it’s not the end of the night, tonight there will be a dumping. The Superfans have been voting for the person they least would like to continue in the villa.

The bottom three are Jordan, Mitchell and Phoebe H.  Phoebe H gets the least votes and is sent home.

She wants Jordan to go with her, but he decides to stay. This makes the other girls angry, and leaves Phoebe H confused where she is at with Jordan.


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