Millionaire Hot Seat big cash give away

Millionaire Hot Seat big cash give away

Next week Millionaire Hot Seat tries something a little different.

Six contestants one from each state will play for a 6 night bucket load of cash In a unique twist, the final amount up for grabs at the end of each show will be matched and added to the jackpot, regardless if the contestant wins or loses.  On the sixth and final night, Monday, March 16, at 5.30pm, the last contestant left in the Hot Seat will play for the Mega Cash Jackpot.


Representing Victoria from Frankston is Gerard Lane, 31, who has no less than four jobs. He is a drama teacher, a suit salesman, a trivia host and a passionate actor, writing and appearing in local and international musicals.

Andrew Rolls, 35, is flying the flag for New South Wales. He works as a product manager at a pharmaceutical company and hopes to win enough money to escape the daily grind with his wife and travel the world.

Retired accountant Dorothy Slater, 58, is playing for Queensland. Dorothy’s greatest achievement was graduating as an accountant at 35 after five years of part-time study. She is hoping all her hard work will pay off in the Hot Seat.

Ex-teacher Mike O’Meara, 65, has always wanted to represent Western Australia. Mike, a father of four, is a musician who plans to write a novel one day.

Playing for South Australia is Tiffany Hua, 24, an assistant manager who was once the number one Harry Potter trivia know-all in Australia. Tiffany can also play four musical instruments, but can she play her way to winning the jackpot?

And from Tasmania comes Jo Bouma, 46, a motor vehicle service adviser who wants to travel the world to celebrate her 50th birthday.

All six contestants playing for the Mega Cash Jackpot have the opportunity to walk away with the largest cash prize ever given away on Millionaire Hot Seat.

Be watching at 5.30pm from Monday, March 9, to see if your state can make Hot Seat history.