Million Dollar Minute hits first $300 000 safety net

Million Dollar Minute hits first $300 000 safety net

Could Million Dollar Minute be about to find it’s first millionaire?

Marc Vandenberg, a hearing-aid specialist from Yarraville in Victoria, has become the first player to claim the new $300,000 Safety Net Jackpot on Million Dollar Minute yesterday afternoon (Thursday 4th December 2014).

Mr Vandenberg, who returns tomorrow to play for the $500,000 jackpot, is just two steps away from the magical million dollars and by the sounds of it, wants to go all way to the top prize.

“I have achieved my first goal by winning the $300,000, so I have got nothing to lose by playing on and aiming for the one million dollars,” Mr Vandenberg, 43, said.

The new $300,000 Safety Net Jackpot was introduced into gameplay in November in a bid to motivate even more contestants to strive for the ultimate prize of one million dollars.

The rule change is anticipated to revolutionise tactics because contestants get a guaranteed $300,000 in their pocket, and risk nothing in playing on for the next jackpot.

Million Dollar Minute host, Simon Reeve, said “Marc got off to a slow start but really hammered home in the final round to become the first contestant in Million Dollar Minute history to win the new $300,000 Safety Net Jackpot today”.

The fifth and deciding question posed by host Simon Reeve during the Million Dollar Minute round was: Who is the author of ‘No Logo’ and ‘The Shock Doctrine’? Mr Vandenberg, correctly answered ‘Naomi Klein’ and pocketed $300,000 of which he plans to blow some of it on a European holiday to see the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest live in Austria with his wife and two daughters.

Million Dollar  Minaute airs weekdays at 5.30pm on Channel Seven.


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