Million Dollar Minute finally gives away a million

Million Dollar Minute finally gives away a million

it’s been a very long journey but the million finally went off last night.

Andrew Skarbek made Australian television history yesterday afternoon by winning an eye-popping $1,016,000 on Channel 7’s hit quiz show Million Dollar Minute.

The nail-biting final question that determined Andrew’s life changing cash windfall was: “The Burke and Wills expedition left Melbourne in which year?”. The quiz show genius correctly answered “1860” and wept tears of relief. He had just become an instant millionaire. $1,016,000 is the biggest cash prize ever awarded in the history of Australian televisio

Andrew defeated 46 contestants, competed for 23 episodes and answered 589 questions. He is the first Million Dollar Minute contestant to win the million dollar jackpot. His cash win includes $16,000 in ‘safe money’ accumulated during his time on the show.

Andrew and his wife of 19 years, Jenny, said they can now escape the rental trap and buy their first home together. Andrew plans to quit his job, and fly his 78 year old mother back to Poland for a family reunion. “It will be business class all the way for the whole family,” Andrew said. Andrew said he will also pay off a $50,000 debt for his life-saving medical treatment for cancer. The same weekAndrew was selected for Million Dollar Minute, he was given the all clear from cancer. “Million Dollar Minute has saved us. I am in shock…I can’t believe this is happening right now,” he said.

Host, Simon Reeve said Andrew was a man on a mission from day one. “His strength – apart from his prodigious general knowledge – was his ability to cope with the pressure. It takes enormous courage and Andrew has earned every cent of his million dollar win,” Simon said.

Million Dollar Minute Airs 5:30 PM Weekdays on Seven