Million Dollar Cold Case coming to 7

Million Dollar Cold Case coming to 7

Seven has released more Infomation about  Million Dollar Cold Case.

Million Dollar Cold Case is cracking open the files of unsolved murders that have frustrated police and devastated families for years.

At the core of every story is a victim without a voice. Through interviews, photos, archive vision and dramatisations Million Dollar Cold Case will connect the viewer with the people and events of each case.

A team of highly skilled investigators will guide us through every twist and turn of these compelling crimes as they review the evidence, identify key suspects, and interview witnesses and the victim’s families.

With one million dollar rewards on offer these cases will spark a nationwide conversation – all aimed at tracking down those responsible for the murders.

“We are of the opinion that these cases can be solved,” Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Trichias, of the Homicide Squad Cold Case Team says. “There are some witnesses out there that for one reason or other are reluctant to come forward and we’re hoping the passage of time and the offer of a one million dollar reward will be enough for that person to make a decision and come forward.”

The police have a message for the killers – you will be caught. Someone, somewhere, knows who did it.

Million Dollar Cold Case.  coming to Channel Seven in 2017.