Mick and Matt Depart MKR

Mick and Matt Depart MKR

Overcooked fish and leaving the moulds on their dessert saw Tasmania’s favourite father and son team, Mick and Matt, depart the My Kitchen Rules competition last night.

Starting their three-course menu with hot and spicy prawns with coconut lime rice sounded appealing to the judges. But while judge Pete Evans said there was a lot of chilli in the dish, it failed to pack a bunch.

“I think the sweetness of the sauce really drowns out any flavour the prawn had. It’s just all sugar,” said guest judge Karen Martini.

The main of grilled trevalla with lentils and raita had “some really exciting flavours happening” according to guest judge Guy Grossi.

But guest judge Liz Egan said her fish was overcooked and her lentils and split peas were undercooked.

Up against the dessert queen ‘Little Miss Cupcake’, Matt’s cappuccino cheesecake was highly regarded by the judges.

“Unfortunately they’ve left the bottom of the mould on the plate. It’s a bit of a no-no,” said Liz.

Pete added: “The technique they’ve used with making the cheesecake … they’ve made a mistake. But the flavours are really nice. I think if they’d cooked the cheesecake component properly they would have a standout dessert here.”

But with Jenna also offering a delectable dessert to the judging panel, it wasn’t enough to bring the boys home scoring 31 out of 60 for their menu. The girls impressed with 42/60 for their menu consisting of squid with fennel and herb salad; braised beef ribs with chickpeas and broccolini; and mango mousse with macadamia crumble.

“The highlight for me has been cooking with Dad. I can’t wait to go home and keep cooking and experimenting,” said Matt.

“Cooking for Pete and Manu in my own home has been the experience of a lifetime. And I think we’ve done Tassie proud,” added Mick.

Tonight the remaining teams are cooking a healthy lunch for hoards of school kids on an excursion at Taronga Zoo. Who will receive the all-important Children’s Choice vote? And who will fail to tantalise the taste buds of the super critical children?

My Kitchen Rules airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm on Seven.


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