Michael Parkinson diagnosed with cancer

Michael Parkinson  diagnosed with cancer

Legendary interviewer Michael Parkinson has been   diagnosed with cancer.

the 78 old discovered he had prostate cancer  after a routine health check last year..

He is undergoing radiotherapy 5 times a week and still  he continues to live “a normal life”,he said . Finding out he had cancer was a shock he told the BBC.

It was a great shock, but I have been told to expect to make a full recovery,” he said. “When you are told you have something like cancer, it is a shock. But the cancer specialist said: ‘I will assure you, you will not die of this.’“I am concerned about it, of course, but I am not frightened of it.”.

Describing his treatment as “extraordinary”, he said had not felt any pain or discomfort. “If anything, it’s boring,” he said. “You have to lie there completely still, for six minutes.”But I have had no side effects at all.”. He also advises every one to get it checked out



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