Michael Moore Takes On Trump.

Michael Moore Takes On Trump.

The 2016 United States  Presidential Election has been one of the most controversial campaigns in American history and few people have been more vocal about their views than Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore.

In an election special airing Tuesday, 8 November at 9.30pm on ONE, just hours before the election polls open in the US, the outspoken opponent of Republican Nominee Donald Trump will take his raucous, subversive comedy deep into the heart of Trump Country for an election special: Michael Moore In TrumpLand.

Filmed as live in America’s Appalachian region, an area home to thousands of Trump supporters, Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show.

The live performance film sees Moore attempt to make Trump-supporting attendees feel at ease by seating “Mexican and Mexican-looking Americans” in a segregated area, blocked off by a human wall, and “Muslim-looking” attendees in another area, monitored by a drone.

“I’m filled with optimism, but I’m gonna be busy every single minute between now and when the polls close. I’m taking this very seriously,” Moore said.

The Ohio Republicans tried to stop Moore from filming his show in their state. But will he succeed in his mission to “Make America Sane Again”?

Michael Moore In TrumpLand was written, produced and directed by Moore. It is presented by Dog Eat Dog Films and IMG Films.

Michael Moore In TrumpLand. premieres Tuesday, 8 November At 9.30pm. on One