Metal Work Challenge Divides The Block

Metal Work Challenge Divides The Block

Foreman Keith has had enough, he is sick of holding the contestants and their builders hands and he makes his feelings known as he walks around The Block

Kyle and Leslie are really struggling with their layout and designer Christian Cole, who has built them a custom made table, isn’t sure how they will fit in the masterpiece.

Best buddies Kristy and Leah go shopping together and Kristy buys a couch that Steph wanted.  It’s clear Kristy enjoys the games against Steph, but is it about to all become too much like mean girls?

Plumber Tom is back on The Block and gives $10,000 to Leah and Ash for the BOB Award (Best On Block) thanks to hipages.

It’s challenge day, and our contestants head to Footscray in Melbourne to compete in a metal work blacksmith challenge. 

Kristy continues to gibe with Steph, having a crack at her for the way she speaks to Gian.

Leah and Ash continue their winning streak and take out the win, another $5000 for the bank.

Eliza and Liberty once again comment about how they think Leah and Ash are bad losers.

The divide is well and truly on, on The Block.


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