Meghan & Harry: The Next Chapter to Air on Seven

Ahead of their royal visit in October Seven has slated a special on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry next week.

Meghan and Harry: The Next Chapter’ is a celebration of the royal couple’s whirlwind start to married life.

Their fairy tale wedding was an international event watched by millions… and the bride looked fabulous. But how have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex settled into married life? How has Meghan Markle transitioned from being an American actress to a senior member of the British Royal Family, and what kind of a Princess will Meghan be?

In this beautifully-crafted and authentic film, we chronicle the ups and downs, the fantasy and the reality of Harry and Meghan’s new life. The best connected Royal insiders and historians plus icons from fashion, show business and culture deliver the finest insights on Harry and Meghan’s new roles, status and domestic life.

Told from the perspective of the royal experts who follow their every move, we will find out how Meghan’s arrival has shaken up the palace. Will the previously outspoken actress maintain her public voice, and how will she adapt to the daunting array of royal protocol before her?

Over the course of the film we explore what type of Princess Meghan has become, and how much of that famous “Markle Sparkle” remains.

7:30pm Monday on Seven.