Meet The Teams Taking On Their Biggest Adventure Yet 

Australia, please meet the smart, savvy and competitive teams who are lacing up for the ultimate race around the world,

In a world first, two separate groups of 10 teams begin racing, one in Melbourne, and one in Sydney. Oblivious to the existence of their parallel racers, each group competes across Morocco before converging in an epic second leg.

From farmhands, to influencers, police officers to vegan warriors, and from dragon boaters to lawyers, each team is different with their own unique skill-set.

The teams will hit up six separate continents and travel across Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America in a race that will see the winner claim the biggest prize in the history of The Amazing Race Australia!

But no one said this race was going to be easy. Navigating a post-COVID world will have its challenges, but our racers are willing and ready to roll on an adventure of a lifetime, no matter what’s thrown at them.

The teams

Angel & Frankie – QLD

Bren & Anja – WA

Chelsea & Jamus – QLD

Crystal & Reem – NSW

Flick & Gabby – VIC

Fliss & Tottie – NSW

Heath & Toni – VIC

Jake & Holly – NSW

Jodie & Claire – NSW

Kathy & Chace – NSW

Kelly & Georgia – QLD

Lauren & Steph – WA

Morgan & Lilli – QLD

Pako & Mori – NSW

Paul & Rachel – VIC

Sam & Alex – SA

Sam & Stu – WA

Stuart & Glennon – NT

Tammy & Vincent – VIC/QLD

Tiffany & Cynthia – WA

Who will triumph? Who will fall? Who will win?

Join host Beau Ryan when The Amazing Race Australia premieres Monday, 29 August at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.


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