Meet The Parents: Paradise Edition.

Meet The Parents: Paradise Edition.

The penultimate Paradise episode for 2020 delivered everything.

At the last cocktail party, Brittney and Jackson both agreed that they weren’t ready to meet each other’s family, but wanted to continue their relationship. Hand in hand, they left Paradise, taking their romance into the real world.

The final rose ceremony saw Mary and Conor, Alisha and Glenn, Kiki and Ciarran and Renee and Mat decide they were ready to meet each other’s family. Mia and Scot decided their relationship was too new, but agreed they wanted to continue things on the outside. Saying goodbye, they left Paradise together.

A new day saw our couple’s loved ones arrive in Paradise. First to meet each other’s family was Alisha and Glenn. Alisha’s mum Donna was quick to ask Glenn all the important questions about marriage, children and where they’d live, and was happy when Glenn passed with flying colours.

Later that evening, Alisha and Glenn admitted they were falling in love and that they couldn’t wait to start a life together after Paradise.

While alone with Conor’s Mum, Elaine, and stepbrother, Ayden, Mary got straight to the point and asked if being a single mum would be an issue. Reassured by Conor’s family that it would not be a problem, Mary was so happy, she even let it slip that she loved Conor.

With their first impressions of Ciarran being spot on, Renee was keen to put her grandparent’s Jessica and David’s gut instincts to the test again. Meeting Matt and quizzing him on his lifestyle and constant travel, Renee’s grandparents wanted reassurance that she wouldn’t be hurt again. In the end, Matt’s promise that he was a loyal partner was enough to win them over.

Matt’s dad John didn’t have the same confidence in Renee. Asking her if she was over her ex, Renee’s answer didn’t leave him with the reassurance he wanted.

Later that evening, Renee told Matt that she wanted to be with him, and that he’s everything she wanted in a partner. They were both excited for the commitment ceremony and ready to take things further.

Still upset that Ciarran hadn’t been honest, Kiki was happy to see her mum, Mary-Ann and gave her permission for a Morris grilling. Asking Ciarran straight up why he hadn’t been honest with her daughter, Mary-Ann wasn’t impressed by Ciarran’s answers or his behaviour. Meanwhile, Ciarran’s best friend Brad was caught off guard by Kiki’s feelings, and told her that she and Ciarran were both on completely different pages and that they should talk.

Once their loved ones had left, Kiki wanted Ciarran to come clean. Unable to charm his way out of this one, and sensing she was being lied to, Kiki wondered if she should just throw in the towel.


on Sunday night, we find out which couples are ready to pledge their love at the commitment ceremony at the Bachelor In Paradise finale.