Media Coverage causes Block Blowup

Media Coverage causes Block Blowup

Last week all the Blockheads were interviewed by journalists from New Idea, Who Weekly, Woman’s Day and TV Week about their time on The Block.

The magazine articles are explosive, focusing on the fractured relationship between Leah and Kristy, 

The magazine articles cause ripples across The Block, and even more division between Leah and Kristy. 

Best friends, to enemies is how it is looking. 

The magazine articles make Leah sad. She wants to fix things with Kristy, but Kristy isn’t having a bar of it. 

In better news, Leah and Ash are in talks with Block architect Julian Brenchley to get a special 3D printed fence that will have all of Charming St talking.

Brett is up to his mischievous ways. He wants to swap his backyard and frontyard with judging, so the pool – which is in the backyard according to the plans – is part of front yard week.

He hatches a plan to quickly call a body corporate and appears to get it through, despite Leah being very wary.  Brett is obviously up to something. He wants to present the pool the last week and impress the judges for front garden week so he and Kristy can take home the Ford Mustang for the prize.  He acts as if there is nothing to it to the other contestants, but is he fooling them? 


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