Matty J Meets the Bachelorettes

Matty J is lost for words when he meets the 22 incredible Bachelorettes vying for his attention and love in the brand new season of The Bachelor Australia.

As the limousines pull into the driveway of bachelorette mansion, nerves are electric and anticipation is high. Matty J knows first-hand how important it is to make a great first impression.

Matty J said: “This is it. I could be meeting the girl of my dreams. I really do think that I’m going to fall in love here.”

With just a few moments to shine, some Bachelorettes rely on their gorgeous evening gowns and sparkling smiles, while others pull out all the stops to get Matty J’s attention.

There are dramatic entrances, rhythmic gymnastics and hilarious banter from some, while others give gifts. One confident Bachelorette even gets up-close and personal, to give Matty J a new, tousled hair-style.

Immediate chemistry with a few glamourous Bachelorettes renders Matty J speechless. This Bachelor is ready for his happily ever after, but will he find the love of his life? Let the fireworks begin.

The Bachelor Australia returns to Ten soon