Matty J goes medieval as the first kiss is given

Sparks flew on The Bachelor Australia, as Matty J shared the first kiss of the season with one lucky Bachelorette, before the drama turned up a notch on a group date of medieval proportions.

For tonight’s single date, Matty took accessories designer Laura, 30, for a harbour cruise on a luxury yacht. The chemistry was obvious as the pair got to know each other and Matty revealed he had not stopped thinking about Laura since he first met her. Back on land, the pair tapped into their creative sides as they each attempted to draw the other’s portrait, resulting in fits of laughter.

Cosying up for a glass of champagne with the harbour shimmering behind them, Matty and Laura shared their first kiss before Matty presented Laura with a rose.

The group date saw Matty and his chosen Bachelorettes transported to medieval England for a day of fun, festivities and feasting.

Dressed as fair maidens, Elise, Lisa, Stephanie, Alix, Sharlene, Elora, Simone, Akoulina, Leah, Michelle, Belinda and Cobie competed against one another in various medieval games to win a place at a banquet dinner with Australia’s most eligible bachelor.

With six chairs up for grabs, Leah and Cobie showed their animal instincts in a piglet race, Lisa and Belinda dominated in a game of sack racing and tossing quoits, and Elise and Alix showcased their athleticism in medieval football, earning them each a seat at Matty’s banquet.

Over dinner, Victorian architecture student Leah, , wasted no time stirring up trouble among the other Bachelorettes. She first showed Matty a vulnerable, sensitive side, which left the other women unconvinced. But it was her interruption of Elise’s short-lived conversation with Matty that left the other ladies fuming.

At the end of the group date, it was body painter Alix, 24, who took home the group date rose after impressing Matty during their one-on-one time.

With all the Bachelorettes returning for a group rose ceremony, it was Queensland gymnastics coach Akoulina, who was left standing without a rose, signalling the end of her time with Matty J.

Before finding out her fate, Akoulina had said, “I really think that Matty is just that right person for me. I have a lot to offer and I just want him to see that.”