Matt’s Hometown Dates causes Havoc

Keen to get to know the families of the remaining bachelorettes, Matt took the opportunity to ask some tough questions. But not everything went to plan, leaving him blindsided on tonight’s The Bachelor Australia.

After their energetic interactions during their time together, Abbie organised a pamper day that involved a swim, massages and cocktails before heading to Abbie’s Uncle Rob’s house for dinner.

Walking in, Matt was welcomed by Abbie’s family with open arms. Not holding back with the hard questions, Abbie’s mum Laura grilled Matt about his intentions for her daughter. Matt, open and honest about his timelines for marriage and kids, took the opportunity to ask the woman closest to her if Abbie had been telling him the truth all along.

Relieved that Abbie’s timeline matched up with his own, Matt was glad he had trusted his gut, and that Abbie had been genuine with him all along.

It was then Uncle Rob’s turn for a Matt chat. Being the only father figure in her life, Rob made it clear that he didn’t want to see Abbie’s heartbroken. Matt admitted that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone but that he was looking for a best friend and that’s what his focus was.  Upon leaving, Abbie laid her heart on the line and told Matt: “I really am falling in love with you really quickly.”

Matt then headed to “warm, sunny Melbourne” to meet Chelsie’s family. Keen to show Matt how well their lives would mesh together, they headed to the pub to prepare for the night ahead.

After meeting Chelsie’s parents Julie and Snowy and sister Shanyn, Matt was whisked away for some bloke chat while the ladies caught up.

Telling her mum and sister that she was falling for Matt, she asked the pair to keep an eye out for any warning signs she had missed in previous relationships, and if Matt really was the one for her.

Shanyn pulled Matt aside and gave him an absolute grilling. When asked the question; “Do you think you’re worthy of Chelsie?”, Matt stumbled, but revealed he wasn’t going to lie and fabricate how he felt for Chelsie and that he absolutely was a worthy partner.

When Shanyn revealed she could tell Chelsie was falling in love with him, Matt was over the moon. At the goodbye however, Chelsie stumbled and couldn’t tell Matt she was falling in love with him, letting him go without expressing how she truly felt.

Back in Sydney, Matt met Emma at the dog park to meet her fur babies, Teddy and Bear. With Emma’s family back home in Ireland, it was then off to meet friends Jen and Daniel.

During girl’s wine time, Emma admitted to Jen that they had only been on two single dates but that she has actually fallen in love with Matt. Unconvinced, Jen told Emma point blank that she was concerned for her as she continually falls in love too quickly.

At the dinner table, Emma continued to steamroll ahead with her life plans with Matt that included moving to Melbourne with Matt.

With red flags waving, Jen took Matt aside to see where his feelings were at. Asking him where Emma sat in his mind, Matt told her that he couldn’t tell her who he would be with in the end because he was still figuring it out for himself.

When the time came to say goodbye, Emma admitted to Matt that she had fallen in love with him.

In Perth, Matt met Helena for a spot of tennis. When he admitted he was rubbish at the game, they settled in for cocktails instead.

Describing her Dad Eric as someone from the Russian mafia and that he would judge Matt on the first minute of their meeting, Matt rocked up to the house already on tenterhooks.

Sitting down to dinner, Matt asked Helena if they had spoken French on the red carpet the first time they met (which they had). Annoyed that their first meeting hadn’t left its mark, Helena sat down with her mum Kathi and sister Alexandra and declared that was a big red flag to her.

Saying goodbye, Helena admitted that Matt not remembering they spoke French scared her. Matt told her he had a lot on his mind and what he remembered was their spark, and what it had grown in to.

Telling Helena he wasn’t there to waste anyone’s time, Matt was lost for words when Helena decided to finish their journey together.

Stunned and completely blindsided, Matt struggled to understand what had just happened. Determined to not give up without a fight, Matt and Helena sat down to chat it out. Telling her he didn’t want it to be the end of their story, Helena admitted she did like him but feared getting her heart broken.

Asking her what she wanted, Helena told Matt she wanted him, but Matt left the meeting wondering if he would ever see her again.

At the rose ceremony, Abbie, Chelsie and Emma all waited for Helena to arrive. When she finally appeared, she asked Matt for some time to chat. The other bachelorettes were shocked, leaving them to believe it gave Helena an unfair advantage.

Despite all of this, it was Emma who left without a rose.