Matthew Le Nevez Opens up about that role and why his mum wasn’t surprised.

Matthew Le Nevez  Opens up about that role and why his mum wasn’t surprised.

It was a well kept secret for almost a year and was one i had to keep from everyone after being given a preview copy of last week’s Ofspring..

But it turns out I wasn’t the only one  with Matthew Le Nevez revealing in an interview with the Canberra Times  That his mum wasn’t having any of it

“She came down to visit me earlier in the year, she was on-set one day and I think she sort of sussed something might be up, because everyone was sort of saying, ‘Does she know?’” he said.

“Then she went back to the place I was staying in Melbourne and, little bugger, she went through my scripts and she read the ending.”

Nevez who’s charecter was killed off last week considers Offspring one of his dream roles and considers the fact that people care so much about his character a gift.

I’ve done that many other jobs that either no one’s ever seen or the way that the character’s left is a little bit innocuous or tepid or whatever, and when it’s something like this and you’ve struck a chord, it’s nice.”

He said while he was initially upset when he found out last year that his character would die tragically, he quickly understood the kick it would give to the show’s narrative, not to mention to his own career.As he tries to crack the US market  I’ve been coming back and forth between LA and here for about four or five years,” he said.

While he wasn’t prepared for the reaction his death received last week he is incredibly proud of the show. I’m really proud of [s Offspring], and especially that finale episode. Asher [Keddie] and Kate [Jenkinson] who plays my sister did some incredible work. I’m there lying on the table while they’re grieving and I watched it for the first time with fresh eyes last week and I just thought they were fantastic.

Tonight’s Season finale will see the funeral of Patrick  and birth of the baby in one highly emotional hour.



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