Matt Wright’s Wild Territory to air on Nine

Matt Wright’s Wild Territory to air on Nine

 The Outback Wrangler is back in a new series of Matt Wright’s Wild Territory, an action-packed adventure through one of the most beautiful and dangerous places on earth: the Northern Territory. 

Juggling life as a family man is no easy feat, but driven by his thirst for adventure and love of the wild, Matt Wright, croc wrestler, wildlife relocator, conservationist and tourism entrepreneur, has a mission to protect wildlife and people in the harsh and dangerous terrain as he learns about the land from its traditional Aboriginal owners. 

The Northern Territory will be on majestic display as Wright, along with his beautiful wife Kaia and young son Banjo, take viewers into their incredible everyday life – from wrestling huge crocodiles and reeling in barramundi to flying choppers in the tropical wet season. 

See the stories of triumph and survival as farmers’ livelihoods are protected from cattle hungry beasts and Matt and his crew navigate deadly waters to rescue fishermen being stalked by hungry crocs.

With a wealth of experience in living off the land and a passion for wildlife conservation, Matt and his dedicated team put it all on the line each day, doing the job they love for the land they cherish. 


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