Matt and Rob leave My Kitchen Rules

Matt and Rob leave My Kitchen Rules

Oyster farmers Matt and Rob have become the next team to exit My Kitchen Rules.

Sadly, the competition also bid farewell to the second team with Victorian oyster farmers Matt and Rob achieving the lowest ranking with just 45 points for their instant restaurant Salt and Soil. WA’s Eva and Debra scraped through just one point ahead of them.

A gracious Matt said: “Our experience on MKR has been a pleasure really.” His childhood friend Rob added: “A very fantastic, pleasurable experience. And one we won’t forget.”

But the food at their instant restaurant is something their diners will probably forget as it failed to impress with overpowering flavours and techniques that failed to fire. Despite oysters being their passion and livelihood, the boys failed to deliver a knockout Oysters Three Ways entrée to the bitter disappointment of host Manu Feildel.

“I’ve been eating oysters pretty much all my life and if there was only one thing left to eat on the planet I wish it would be oysters. I really love oysters and I feel that you have ruined a beautiful jewel of the sea,” he told the stunned oyster farmers after learning they had done the unthinkable and washed their oysters under tap water.

Host Pete Evans ranked their welcoming oyster shooter as the best one of the night, but unfortunately it wasn’t on the plate.

“I really wanted to love this entrée; it’s your passion, it’s your work. You might be great at growing them, but now it’s time to learn how to serve them.” Matt said their next dream is to do just that. “We’re not oyster chefs, but we hope to be.”

Despite having never cooked quail in their lives, the adventurous pair served up Prosciutto Wrapped Quail with Kale, Orange and Walnut Salad for the main course. And it wasn’t received any better than their entrée.

“This isn’t a well thought out dish,” said Pete. “There’s no real soul to that bird or the filling. And then a salad on the side that hasn’t been dressed. It’s a bit fibrous. I applaud you for taking a risk, but it hasn’t worked for you this evening.”

The health-conscious boys’ dessert was always going to be their Achilles heel, and unfortunately their homemade brownie was undercooked and underwhelmed the table to make it a hat trick of under par dishes.

Competitive former professional tennis player Adam and his wife Carol retained their top of the Group 2 leader board position after Vicki and Celine scored 73 last night, four short of their top ranking 77.


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