Masterchef’s Top 24 gets a surprise exit

Masterchef’s Top 24 gets a surprise exit

Last night Masterchef had to change it’s top 24.

Following the Auditions, Top 24 member Mario Montecuollo told the judges that he did not meet the MasterChef Australia guidelines regarding previous experience and therefore could not continue in the competition.

In keeping with the MasterChef Australia rules, the amateur cook who was next best in the running for an apron during the Auditions got the call-up – South Australia’s Jessie Spiby.  

Having come very close to claiming an apron after the final round of Shannon Bennett’s warm chocolate and orange mousse Pressure Test, Jessie was the judges’ unanimous choice to take up the final position made available in the Top 24.

 Tonight the top 24 become 23 as the first elimination takes place at 7:30 Pm on Ten